About us

From a simple beginning in 1994 with a single product to a dynamic company in 2003 with over 300 different products, Tran™ is the quintessential American success story. The first product was a holder for Compact Discs. The public reception for the design and quality of the product began a journey, which has led to the Tran™ of today.

Tran™ focuses primarily on the development of products for the arts and crafts industry. These range from simple pencil cases to very complex portfolios and presentation cases. The reaction from the arts community has been extremely positive.

Tran™ has placed functionality and quality at the forefront of its manufacturing process. Constant interaction with artists and craftspeople has insured that designs are practical, functional and durable. Bang Tran, the President of Tran™, has a very straightforward approach to the design of the products. He believes that product design should allow for multiple uses and function and have a high economic value for the consumer.

An inspection of any Tran™ products will reveal not only excellent design but a level of quality surpassed by none. An examination of the sewing techniques will show quality craftsmanship in all segments of the product. The materials that are used are rugged, durable and attractive, presenting a wide variety of choice for the consumer.

In today’s market, given the state of the economy, many competitors have chosen to go outside the U.S to manufacture their products. Tran™ has made a very conscious decision to keep its manufacturing base in the U.S. and wherever possible to purchase material and products manufactured in the U.S. for use in the production of Tran™ products. Ten people are employed by Tran™ Products.